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Receiver of Taxes

County / Town Tax Bills


Welcome to the Receiver of Taxes Office

All Town of East Bloomfield County/Town tax bills are mailed to each property owner before January 1 of each year.  To avoid any interest penalties, tax payments must be received at the Receiver of Taxes/Town Clerk's office or postmarked by January 31.  You can pay your tax bill with cash, or by check.

There are three options for when to pay your taxes:

  1.  Full payment by January 31 to the Reciever of Taxes to avoid any interest penalties.  Full payments with interest penalties will also be accepted in February and March.
  2.  First installment payment by January 31.  The second installment payment must be paid during the month of   February or March.
  3.  Full payment at any Canandaigua National Bank and Trust branch office during the month of January with yellow copy only.

No tax payments will be accepted after March 31.  After March 31, any unpaid tax bill will be forwarded to the Ontario County Treasurer's office.

Should you have any questions, please contact me at (585) 657-5302 or by email @

Kathy Cooper / Receiver of Taxes

Special Notes

Escrow Accounts:  By December 1 of each year, banks are required to submit a written request to the Receiver of Taxes to have tax bills sent to their office.  If you received a tax bill that should have been paid by your bank, contact your bank regarding the payment.  The Receiver of Taxes cannot send a copy of your tax bill to your bank unless a written request has been received by the bank.

Property Assessment:  If you have questions regarding your property assessment, please contact the Town Assessor.



2022 Schedule

January: Mon-Thur  9:00 am - Noon

February: 21 - 24th & 28th   9:00 am - Noon

March: 14 - 31st Mon - Thur  9:00 am-Noon

Please remember the FULL amount (yellow bill only) can be paid in person, during January at any Canandaigua National Bank location.

Mailing Address:
          Receiver of Taxes
          3234 Wheeler Station Road
          Bloomfield, NY 14469


Please return entire bill with your payment.

Make checks payable to Kathleen A. Cooper, Tax Collector.


Kathy Cooper

Receiver of Taxes

 Email Kathy Cooper
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