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Welcome to the Waste & Recycling Department

HOUSEHOLD Waste Disposal

Address: The Town of East Bloomfield shares a landfill transfer/recycling station with the Town of Bristol. The transfer station is located at 3901 County Road 2 in the Town of Bristol. Town of East Bloomfield residents should drive south on Oakmount Road which turns into County Road 2 for approximately 6 miles, and the Transfer station will be on the east side of County Road 2.


As of March 14, 2015, due to regulatory and handling changes at the Town's transfer station, it has become necessary for a minimal fee to be applied to appliances that require degassing or cooling agents removed prior to recycling due to an EPA regulation.  The charge for this service will be $15.00.  All other appliances are accepted with a $25 fee and scrap metal will still be accepted at no charge.  The no-charge fee is still applied to the recycling of computers, monitors, and tvs.  Older style large monitors and televisions (known as cathode ray devices) will not be accepted at the site.  These require different methods for recycling and incur costs.

Tires are not accepted at the transfer station

For more information regarding E-Waste, go to website 
Company offices are located at:

     7318 Victor-Mendon Road
     Victor, NY 14564
     Phone:  888-563-1340                           

See recycling tips (below) for further information on recycling.

Recycling Tips


Glass -clear, green, and colored
Paper -office paper, computer paper, school paper, junk mail, catalogs, magazines, fax paper, envelopes, phone books
Newspaper -including inserts
Aluminum -aluminum foil, cans, pie tins, empty aerosol cans (except those containing paints or pesticides)
Tin -food cans
Old License Plates -defaced (paint over or cut in half)
Plastics -numbers 1-7 (five-gallon containers not accepted)
Gable Top Containers -milk and juice cartons (remove lids), and juice boxes
Paperboard -and cereal boxes, food packaging (no wax coatings), and gift boxes
Corrugated -including clean pizza boxes
Textiles - drop off at local transfer stations in dry, clean, and clear plastic bags
Cardboard -break down cardboard into pieces no larger than 4 feet in width and length


1. Separate all paper products from containers.
2. Mix paper products together (PAPER, NEWSPAPERS, PAPERBOARD, AND BOXBOARD). Remove pieces with food or wax coatings, break down cardboard to no larger than 4 feet. Use extra containers to put out paper products or use paper bags. Do not use plastic bags.
3. Mix containers, rinse, and remove lids.

Special Considerations

  1. Do NOT bag loose paper, remove plastic packaging from mail promotions.
  2. Use CLEAR plastic bags ONLY for SHREDDED office paper and loose Styrofoam packaging peanuts.
  3. Transfer station patrons: please recycle regularly to avoid overload of materials that can overwhelm systems.



Jan &Feb 2024 open every other Saturday

1/27, 2/10, 2,24

Starting March 1st- Dec 31 open every Saturday

Hours: 8:00 AM----2:00 PM Saturday

Recycling, scrap metal, refrigerators/freezers
w/ doors removed, washing machines, dryers,
other white goods are accepted with a $25.00 fee.

Transfer Station Custodian: Leo Kennerson,

Phone number:  585-704-2122

Leo is a good resource for residents to call for information. 

Please call if you have any further questions

Facility Address:
3901 County Road 2 (Oakmount Road) in the Town of Bristol



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